Monday 15th November 2021
10 am - 2 pm
Mastering your Marketing Management Workshop

#DMAT21 For decision makers and action takers

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Start Now, Start Simple
Daniel Ramamorthy
I Am DanRam
DanRam travels the globe as an Event MC & Speaker at over 100 events a year. Hosting changemakers like President Barack Obama, billionaire founders Sir Richard Branson and Reid Hoffman, F1 champion Nico Rosberg, Grammy-winning artists and celebrities, he works on 4 continents from college campuses to parliaments to in-house corporate innovation days for Fortune 500 companies to the biggest tech conferences in the world. His passion is to inspire people with his motto 'Start Now Start Simple' in building a future we all want to live in.
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How to Build a Community on LinkedIn which will Generate Leads
Ella Orr
Much More Social
Ella is a social media marketer and owner of Much More Social which she started in 2018. Before retraining in social media marketing, she was a teacher for many years. Ella quickly realised that great marketing requires the same skills as teaching – understanding your audience’s problems, communication skills, planning, implementation and measuring outcomes. She delivers training and consultancy on how to create a personal brand to attract your ideal clients, as well as effective social media strategy and content creation especially for LinkedIn and Instagram. She runs several client accounts as well as managing her own platforms and website. Ella’s interest in LinkedIn began in 2018 when she started using it on a daily basis, learning about how the platform works, posting content and engaging on comments to build solid connections. She believes LinkedIn is the platform to be on for online networking. Ella is keen to show business owners how it can work for them
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Creating Content with Personality
Marie Clare Byard
Now Media Live
Marie Clare is passionate about creating content having fallen in love with photography when her dad brought her into his darkroom at age 4. She works at events creating content live for social media posting, creating FOMO for the event, getting events seen online and trending. She also works as a trainer empowering business owners/students on how to utilise digital marketing to get their brand seen online sharing their story authentically.
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Learn the 6 Steps to Generating More Sales and Leads on Social Media.
Louise McDonnell
Louise McDonnell Marketing
Louise McDonnell is a social media strategist, coach, & speaker. She is the Author of, “Facebook Marketing, The Essential Guide” and the bestselling “2021 Social Media Planner & Guide”.
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Why Your Business Should be on Google My Business
Amanda Tento
TDM Marketing
Amanda is the owner and founder of TDM Marketing, 337 Networking, and host of The Determined Mom Show podcast! She started TDM Marketing to help small business owners grow their businesses and reach more customers. She has 15 years of business management experience, and she uses it daily for her clients and her own business!
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How to leverage LinkedIn for your small business - practical tips!
Louise Brogan
Social Bee NI
Louise Brogan works with entrepreneurs, SME’s and professionals who want to raise their profile through LinkedIn in a genuine and valuable way.
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How to be Confident and Not Suck at Video
Matthew Hughes
King of Video
Matthew Hughes is the King of Video. In 2013 he started his video company that he ran for 7 years creating video and travelling the world, with clients from one man bands through to billion dollar companies. Fast forward to 2019 and he created the King of Video brand to help small business owners confidently, create, consistent video content that connects with their audience. He does this with his YouTube Challenge, the YouTube Bootcamp and on a 1-2-1 basis with his YouTube managed service, YouTube Essentials
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Is it working? - 5 Incredibly Useful Digital Marketing Measurement Tips for Small Business
Amanda Webb
Amanda from Spiderworking helps businesses grow with their digital marketing strategy. Her marketing content on the Spiderworking blog has won her awards nationally and internationally and she just loves to talk marketing.
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Own your Niche with Integration Online
Elaine Lindsay
TROOL Social
Elaine is uniquely suited to this new normal with a history of adapting and reinventing herself like the phoenix rising from the ashes…Starting anew after accidents, and long-term illness took her out of commission on multiple occasions, Elaine works with you to harness the leading-edge strategies for your online properties. You are able to better serve your audience, focus your social proof, and get found fast and first in the search results!
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How to Make Better Business Decisions & Obliterate Your Business Goals
Andrew and Pete
Andrew and Pete
Andrew and Pete; international keynote speakers, ATOMIC founders, authors and YouTubers, are the multi award winning business duo who help small business owners scale their business so they can stop swapping time for money.
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