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Now we need to explain why we're the best award winning, marketing podcast...

Mildly amusing, mostly useful, fast, short, witty and to the point. No big words, no fancy jargon, just two marketing friends bringing you along your marketing journey.

Our aim is to upskill and re-motivate you every Monday morning.

Listen to our 10 minute (ish) podcasts (20 minutes (ish) with guests) every Monday and learn how to update and improve your business marketing and have a laugh along the way.

Listen to our latest episode here:
10 do's and dont's when creating a marketing plan
Melanie and Esther

For Decision Makers and Action Takers #DMAT21

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The best ideas
Melanie and Esther

#DMAT22 coming November 2022

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tips and advice
Get the best marketing tips on a regular basis.

We focus on what you need to know to build and improve your own business marketing.

We also appreciate you may not be doing all of your own marketing through social media and possibly through your website but it's still essential you understand what you're asking others to do for you!

who's behind
Melanie and Esther

"My professional ethos has always been to empower the business owner into understanding and managing their own Social Media Marketing and time. Knowing how to balance their marketing with their life is important and I help them gain that with my custom training".

Melanie Boylan brings years of experience as owner of STOMP Social Media Training Ltd (est 2013), Blogger / Journalist at Irish Tech News and as business owner in the Republic of Ireland.

"I love helping small business owners learn more about social media and the power that it has to grow their business, not just locally but also globally. Along with my team, we provide business strategies across all digital marketing platforms to help your business be found online and stand out from the rest."

Esther Ocampo brings years of experience as the owner of IPA Group, a Digital Marketing Agency and Website Design company based in Northern Ireland.  

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