 The story of the Monday Morning Marketing Podcast
Where we started

In late 2019, Melanie and Esther were at the Women’s Inspire Network event as attendees which was hosted by Samantha Kelly AKA Tweetinggoddess.  Whilst mingling and laughing with friends there, Sarah Gray of SOS Events suggested that they might start working together as she thought they would be a good pairing.  Then she suggested doing a podcast!

In all the years they had known each other (2015), they had never directly worked together and all of sudden this seemed like the greatest idea ever.  The two ladies promptly sat down at the nearest bar and in the space of one afternoon the concept of The Monday Morning Marketing Podcast was crafted.  Over the intervening weeks a website was started, social media handles created and a show list of topic headings and guests was set up.

Misguided marketing story
MMM Milestones

First Podcast sent out - initially on Zoom and doggy headset mics - 6th January

First Guest 
Barbara Edwards - Becoached

Esther's First Podcast ALONE with Guest
Barbara Edwards

Melanie’s First Podcast ALONE with Guest
Shaun Cassidy - Virtual League

First Speaking Engagement 
Digital Women Online Conference - August

21st September

First Sponsor
The story of getting their first sponsor is quite amusing.  The company emailed the website directly but initially believed to be a hoax.  After numerous phone calls and checking who had messaged them, the two dimwits finally understood that someone ACTUALLY wanted to sponsor them.

From October to December 2020 they were sponsored by AgoraPulse UK and Ireland team and the ladies were both invited to become Brand Ambassadors.  Neither of them were daft and said yes!

First mention of MMM Conference
Esther mumbled the first mention of a online conference for the dynamic duo to host at the tail end of the first podcast of the year - 4th January

12th January

5th June

MMM Workshop (not conference) - Mastering Your Marketing Management for Decision Makers and Action Takers #DMAT21
Featuring 10 amazing speakers, 2 streams and 4 different ways to improve your marketing.
15th November

22nd November

Finalists for Digital Women Awards "Podcast of the Year" category!!
25th April

29th April

6th November

Launching our Marketing Advent Calendar
22nd November

Our numbers
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New stuff every week

Every week the dynamic duo bring you their knowledge and interesting guests in bite-sized snippets. With years of experience between them, there's no doubt that the ladies will "edutain" (educate and entertain at the same time) you with each episode.

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