Features Tell, Benefits Sell


Today's competitive environment makes it difficult for companies to effectively market their products, especially when new products are hitting the market every day which floods customers with limitless options for anything they are looking to buy. Focusing on your target audience's needs and interests is the best way for them to notice and buy your products.

The best way of doing this is by showing how your product’s features can benefit your client’s lifestyles, fulfill their needs and connect them with their interests.

What are Features?

A feature refers to what a person can do with a product or service. Features are good for listing your products but without the connection to the clients, they don’t work the best for a selling pitch. An example of features is the ones offered by smartphones, like biometric authentication, high-definition camera, or touch-free controls.

What are Benefits?

The benefits of a product or service refer to the outcomes or consequences of using said product features and what they can achieve in the future with it. Benefits can be easily presented as a solution for the customer's needs. For example, a shockproof smartphone that doesn’t easily break, offering more durability and eliminating the need to replace because of accidents.

By improving your sales pitch to focus on the benefits of every product you can allow your customer to see how they can improve their lifestyle without bothering with all the technicalities or options of a product. Moving from a technical perspective into an emotional one.

What is feature-benefit selling?

We can define feature-benefit selling as a process of connection of your customers or target audience to a product or service by identifying a customer’s needs and making them see the product’s features and the benefits they would enjoy if they buy the product.

Advantages feature-benefit selling

  • Identifies customer needs

With feature-benefit selling, you explore a customer's need in order to connect the features with the possible benefits. With an arrangement of exploratory questions, you can find a suitable product or service for them based on their need, interests, and preferences.

  • Helps customers understand the product

Connecting your customer’s needs with the features and benefits of a product helps the customer understand why that product exists and why they should buy it.

  • Improves sales

Improving the connection of a customer’s needs with a product's feature makes them compelled to buy that product or service. This is because the customer understands why they need that product and how it helps them reach their goals, which makes them more likely to like and recommend the product to other potential customers and improve sales in the future.

How to use feature-benefit selling

  1. Know your product's features.

To effectively sell a product based on the feature-selling strategy, first, you need to know and understand a product’s features and specifications, although knowing them all might not be important for your sales pitch it is important to connect them to your customer's needs in order to create a benefit.

  1. Ask questions.

In order to know how a product might benefit a customer, you must ask exploratory questions to know what they are looking for, and what might be the best product to benefit their life.

  1. Locate customer needs.

Once you have identified what your customer is looking for, is easier to locate the needs of said customers and offer the right product or service for them, focusing on their answers and what they are hoping to achieve with the purchase.

  1. Connect needs and features. 

Once you locate the right product or service for your customer, use the customer's needs to make a compelling connection to the product’s features, introducing them to how might that product achieve their goal in the future and improve their quality of life with the benefits it might offer.


Using the feature-benefit selling strategy can be a really powerful tool for any business looking to improve their sales, more than just providing a product you are doing your customers a service by guiding them in the right direction and improving their quality of life by helping them reach their goals, be careful not to confuse on what might be a feature or what might be a benefit in order to not confuse our customers or deliver a fake benefits pitch to them.