3 Foolproof Tips To Stay Focused On Your New Year’s Goals

By Diana Hernandez

So we’re beginning a new year, which comes with new goals. Whether they are business oriented or personal, we can all agree that staying focused throughout the year can be quite difficult. It’s a struggle we all know, don’t worry. 

Today I’m going to give you 3 tips that are foolproof for staying focused on your goals! They are procrastination proofed too! So let’s get started.

#1: Set realistic goals

I know I sound like a downer! Shoot for the moon and land among the stars right? Well, not quite. When we talk about “realistic goals” it’s all about being sincere with yourself when you’re setting your goals. Maybe you want your Instagram account to grow followers and you’re currently at 50, a realistic goal would be to organically reach 1k followers. Yeah, it’s not a million but it’s something that can be done at your own pace and if you reach that goal before the end of the year, then that means you went above and beyond!

So no, it’s not about setting smaller goals, it’s about being honest with yourself about your capacities at the moment. That way you’re setting goals that are attainable within a year or less. Don’t set yourself up for failure by asking too much in too little time. 

#2:  Plan accordingly

Goals are not there to just manifest into the universe what you want (but there’s also nothing wrong with manifesting!) However, if you don’t make a plan that includes the steps to those goals, you’re not gonna get there.

If you’re like me and have trouble sticking to plans just know that you don’t have to create a detailed map of your year to stick to your goals. I like to call the way I organize my life “Dynamic planning”.

When I say I’m doing “Dynamic planning” means I won’t detail each step of my plans, just the crucial ones that have to happen and then I leave options and space for changes (because life is full of surprises!). So maybe I planned to move out, but instead of having a tight deadline to do everything, I take things slowly with months of anticipation to work on finding what I want and solving obstacles along the way. 

Another important part of Dynamic Planning is to do your planning often. Maybe once a month you can go back to your agenda and reorganize priorities. That’s okay! As long as you’re always putting in the time and effort towards your goals, progress is progress. Don’t berate your progress just because you didn’t achieve it within a certain time frame or conditions. 

#3: Accountability is a must

When we talk about accountability, most times you’ll see people suggesting that you do things in a group and share your progress with people so that all can stay motivated. What if you “fall behind”? Then your accountability system just becomes a judging system. Even if they aren’t judging you, you’ll feel that way. And that’s human. 

So how about we try another accountability that isn’t so linked to shame? Accountability to ourselves. 

To stay focused on your goals you must remind yourself that you deserve your own progress. Forget about negative self-talk and thinking “Once I achieve this, I’ll be nicer to myself”. Be nice now and in changing that discourse, you’ll trust yourself enough to keep you accountable. 

The best part about these three tips is that you can apply them to your business and your personal life! Even your academic life. And you can start applying them today or in the middle of the year. That’s okay! The best time to start is whenever you’re ready. And remember, strive to have GOALS not EXPECTATIONS. Because expectations are beliefs that may not come true, but goals are objectives that you can reach by just being focused and proactive. 

Happy new year!