3 Digital Marketing Trends you should jump into!

Digital marketing trends are an everlasting task one must keep up with. One day you’re finally able to get the views you want on your Instagram reels and on the other, you need to start doing Lives to get more engagement. It can be exhausting! But don’t worry, today I bring you three digital marketing trends you must jump into (and that are easy to follow as well!) 

Video content is KING and TikTok is the kingdom

TikTok continues to grow and brands are taking it more seriously every time. And so should you! With most apps favoring video content over images, no one can’t fall behind these trends.

However, I know that creating video content isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s okay, you don’t have to go all in dancing in videos. You can start small by simply pointing videos with text. Or even short Insta stories sharing your day. Humanize your brand through video, this way you create engagement and also credibility while complying with the algorithms.

TikTok currently also offers the option of sharing stories so sharing the same content on all of your platforms is definitely easy. Of course, the best part of TikTok is that you have more opportunities to go viral with lower-effort videos, the reach the algorithm of Tiktok gives you is unparalleled. 

Influencers still matter but do you know who sells more? Micro-influencers!

When it comes to smaller businesses, nothing better than reaching out to a micro-influencer with a smaller following who is also honest about their reviews. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

The smaller influencers can bring bigger sales than a bigger influencer who just offers discount codes for products of dubious quality. People want honesty and want someone like them to recommend the stuff. Picture this, you’re more likely to buy something that a closer friend of yours recommended than something the Kardashians promote. Why? Precisely because you trust more your friend’s opinion as you can relate more with them. The same happens with micro-influencers. 

Find your local micro-influencers who promote quality and honesty and DM them! 

People are attending more Virtual Events. Take advantage of this! 

Live-streaming attendance has increased thanks to the lockdown. People have come to appreciate and enjoy events that they couldn’t otherwise attend in person. Virtual events are cost-effective alternatives to generate engagement and expand your reach. 

Of course, the success of your virtual depends on how much you promote and that the content is of interest to your audience. Investing in offering high-quality video and useful content on a Virtual Event even if it’s for free to those in attendance is a guarantee to get new followers who will most likely be interested in your services and products. 

Find a topic that your audience wants to know about and go live! Don’t worry about being perfect, it’s live and as I said before, honesty is the best way to sell! 

In summary… People want to be offered quality, honesty, and brands that are also like them: human. Think as a customer and give them the things you’d like to receive. Forget about scripts and magical formulas to reach them, there’s no ultimate method to do things right. Adapt the trends to your brand and do your best!